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SEBI Disclosures

SEBI Registration Details

Name: Prashanth Sekhar | RIA No: INA200016412 | Reg. Type: Individual  Validity: Perpetual 

Associated SEBI regional office: Southern Regional Office, 7th Floor, 756-L, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600002

Regulatory Complaints Disclosure

SEBI mandates all RIAs to display the complaints status on the website as shown below. Investors can first contact the intermediary in case of complaints, in our case through the contact us page. The SEBI ‘SCORES’ website that facilitates investors in logging any complaints against listed companies or intermediaries can be accessed here. SEBI 'SCORES' mobile app can be downloaded from the link here. Online Dispute Resolution Portal can be accessed here.  

Date as of last month ending: February 29, 2024

Trend of monthly disposal of complaints

Trend of annual disposal of complaints

*Inclusive of complaints of previous months/years resolved in the current month/year | ^Time in days | # Inclusive of complaints pending as on the last day of the month/year

Annual Audit Status

This page contains all the regulatory disclosures required to be displayed on the website. To learn more about this, you can view the SEBI Circular here

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